Social Communication

Based on optimized social communication strategies for brand and corporate marketing, Postcommunications is a cut above the competition when it comes to planning and production of social content as well as for managing social channels to reflect the latest trends

  • Social Channel Strategization
  • Social Content Creation and Channel Operations
  • Execution of Social Advertisements

Digital Campaign

Based on an in-depth understanding of both domestic and overseas major digital channels and consumers, as well as analyses of each digital medium, Postcommunications plans and conducts digital campaigns optimized for the needs of its clients.

  • Consumer Involvement Campaigns
  • Video Circulation Campaigns
  • Video Circulation Campaigns
  • Domestic and International Media Advertising


Postcommunications executes promotional strategies for products and brands at coordinated stages of a consumer’s purchasing process, and also provides integrated sales-inducing marketing communication and superb SEO (search Engine Optimization) services.

  • IMC Marketing Consulting
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing and Optimization
  • On/Offline Promotion

Media PR

Based on its long-term experience with traditional media PR services, Postcommunications proposes an effective ‘all around PR’ strategy for a rapidly changing media environment.

  • Press Conferences and Launching Promotions
  • Press Release Distribution
  • Advertorial

Contents Creative

Based on accumulated know-how in digital contents, Postcommunications strategizes brand marketing with content creativity in mind.

  • Establish Creative Strategies
  • Create Specialized Social Content
  • Produce Product/Brand Videos and Images
  • Produce Viral Films

Global Communication

Postcommunications provides optimal solutions for overseas consumers via global digital marketing strategies based on in-depth analyses. Furthermore, Postcommunications also proposes integrated marketing communication strategies based on analyses of domestic markets for global corporations wishing to expand onto the Korean market

  • Domestic and Overseas Marketing Market Research
  • Domestic and Overseas Marketing Strategy Consulting