Enhancing awareness and favorability of, a global brand through close localization in accord with domestic trends and consumer tendencies

Our Mission

Postcommunications has been conducting PR activities in Korea with the basic goal of increasing awareness and favorability of more than its competitors do in the OTA market, which has recently become competitive. Adding on to this, we’ve conducted multiple digital campaigns with to effectively raise brand awareness and build a positive brand image, especially appealing to the millennials who consider trips as their daily lives.

The Solutions

Providing trend and insight through press releases, which were planned based on data

Instead of repeatedly distributing press releases about discounts and promotions that are repeated per season, Postcommunications provided useful insights regarding travel trend through press releases, which were planned based on the’s own data. Besides, we held a press conference for all media to enhance the position of in the Korean market as 2018 was the 10th year of launching in Korea.

Meanwhile, we also drew high reactions by executing digital campaigns through brand collaborations with influencers who can effectively deliver brand messages to the millennials, the core target of the brand.

The Result

Achieving great results by working with various media including PR activities, press conferences, and YouTube creators

In the case of PR activities, Postcommunications has influenced consumers to focus on the brand messages delivered through the press releases, which were planned based on the data, and has achieved great results that those press releases were also exposed on the paper prints of the major press. Furthermore, the recent press conference that was held to celebrate the 10th year of launching in Korea attracted a great deal of attention from the press by getting a large number of published articles as about 50, including the interview article.