LG Electronics H&A global social media content planning and production & content distribution to overseas subsidiaries

Our Mission

Postcommunications is providing social marketing services to increase the attention of global users, which includes specialized content for Instagram and Facebook to highlight the appeal of LG Electronics’ H&A products, the front-runner of the global home appliances market. Furthermore, in order to enhance brand image and to lead users to make purchases, Postcommunications has been supporting and encouraging local subsidiaries around the world to utilize HQ content more.

The Solutions

Creating interactive contents via branding and channel optimization creative

Postcommunications has designed/created and provided LG H&A Global’s social media channels with 13 different content packages for each of the 13 different products, taking into consideration the users of social media content and its high volatility and limited concentration.

For the purposes of increasing product awareness, USP appeal and boosting brand appeal, we diversified our content types and production methods to deliver a more impactful brand message and allocate contents accordingly.

By creating branding contents tailored to product launch issues, engaging contents that reflect channel trends and user characteristics, and lastly, by creating USP appeal contents via channel optimization creative, we have charismatically appealed the brand value of LG Electronics H&A products to consumers around the globe. Additionally, we distributed weekly distribution plans to overseas subsidiaries and announced the list of must-upload contents.

The Result

Increasing new types of high quality content – 3D Story, Canvas, 3D socially-optimized videos, etc.

We proactively engaged with marketing issues such as the launch of new products and seasonal issues, by planning in advance product content packages according to important annual marketing issues. This resulted in a production efficiency increase of subsidiary usage by 9 times more than the previous year.

In regard to contents, we have increased the number and usage of new types of socially-optimized, high-quality contents such as 3D Story, Canvas, 3D socially-optimized videos, etc. Through this, the H&A Global social channel has experienced an increase of followers by 186% year-on-year and 650,000 in social actions of HQ produced content by subsidiaries.