Managing Hyundai Motor’s Integrated Social Media Channels and Executing Digital Campaigns

Our Mission

We’ve planning content strategy and managing social media channels, which encompass various targets, and both high/low involvement consumers, reflecting the characteristics of the car brand that requires communication with a variety of targets by individual vehicle types

The Solutions

Content Curation For Each Platform’s Characteristics

Postcommunications has designed the content strategy, which takes into account each social media channel’s characteristics, user characteristics, and content consumption patterns. We are providing professional and in-depth informative content through Naver Post, a text-based channel. We’ve also been focusing on having great communication with consumers through various branded content and entertainment content inducing customer participation and empathy on the Facebook and KakaoStory channels.

Furthermore, in the case of Instagram, a young and trendy platform, we have been actively utilizing ‘Visual Storytelling,’ which can convey brand value through a single photo, to build a trendy and sentimental brand image of Hyundai Motor Company. In addition, we’ve also strategically managing a separate Facebook channel, which focuses on providing sales information, KakaoTalk Plus Friend being utilized when new cars are released, Twitter, and YouTube channel, which serves as an archive of Hyundai Motor Company’s diverse video content, depending on content tendency and consumers’ content consumption patterns.

The Result

Building favorable brand image through high engagement and interactions

Postcommunications has been generating high user engagement through creative planned content for the mobile era as well as increasing the number of fans and followers of Hyundai Motor Company’s integrated social media channels by more than 10% each year.