Digital Campaign in Collaboration with Creators to Increase Awareness of KT AI Speaker ‘GIGA Genie’

Our Mission

KT's 'Do you feel it, Genie' campaign was designed with customized content aimed at effectively and efficiently exposing contents to the 18-24 (age bracket) main target, who are highly sensitive to digital. In response, Postcommunications for this goal developed a campaign strategy to create contents and methods which can communicate and emphasize with the main target group.

The Solutions

Conducting a Digital Campaign That Utilizes The Creator For The Main-Target (18-24 age demographic)

Postcommunications deviated from the conventional, fragmented format of TV advertising and thusly carried out a digital campaign actively utilizing creators that fit the main target (18-24 age group).

We especially focused on exposing consumers to campaign contents via web-branded contents, a web drama, outdoor advertising as well as by offering offline fan launch events. We also used the creators’ actual voices for answers in ‘GIGA Genie’ service, for customers to feel closer and connected to KT’s ‘GIGA Genie’.

The Result

Record of 8.5 Million Views of the Web Drama

We created a 6-episode web drama in partnership with the popular creator team ‘Feeling of Feelings’, who has more than 900K subscribers throughout YouTube, Facebook, etc.

With a sitcom format and storyline which the main target can relate to the ‘GIGA Genie’, there was a massive response which racked up more than more up to 8.5 million viewers on YouTube.

Additionally, we held offline promotions which contributed to boosting loyalty of the KT brand and its services.