LG TWINWash, LG Styler, LG Steam - Advertising Plan Aiming For A Positive Viral

Our Mission

Raising Awareness of LG Electronics Home Appliances to Global Users

LG H&A (Home Appliance) Viral Seeding is a project which aims for increasing the attention of global users and employing various social media such as Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Through this [viral seeding] project, Postcommunications has at the same time enhanced LG H&A’s brand image, as well as product USP appeal by employing various methods, all the way from content planning to running advertisements.

The Solutions

Media and content strategy specialized for different modes of digital engagement

LG H&A Global Viral Seeding Project developed social media-optimized strategies from the contents-creating stage, to deliver the unique strengths of each product and brand image to global consumers. Furthermore, we provided a multi-faceted solution to communicate an integrated version of LG Electronics’ values to customers. Our campaign design took into account the consumer’s behavioral pattern -‘Teasing-Main-Purchase’- and message curating at the ad-execution stage.

The Result

Globally Spreading and Maximizing Brand Videos & Views

Postcommunications differentiates itself from other competitors by utilizing cutting-edge marketing tools that achieve most impressive results.

In addition to social media platforms that are used globally, such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, Postcommunications is taking it one step further by actively exploring new media with high influence in specific areas, and thusly applying them to actual marketing campaigns and projects.