The Very First Interactive Global Campaign in the industry Utilizing Facebook Chatbot With AR Camera

Our Mission

Make them know LG TWINWash!

Since LG TWINWash is the product of a new category, which is differentiated from the existing washing machines, the campaign that enhances consumer awareness of the product was essential. Postcommunications executed activities to raise awareness and favorability of the product and its key USPs for all ages through the global digital campaign, which encouraged user participation.

The Solutions

The World’s first Laundry Museum!

In order to increase user participation in the interactive event with the concept, which failed laundry that was washed with one washing machine exists only in the laundry museum as a relic, we adopted the Facebook Chatbot as the main tool of the campaign and added the user interactive elements through the AR camera.

We aroused empathy from the users by creating the social media video emphasizing the necessity of LG TWINWash through the interview of the main character of the ruined laundry exhibition in the museum.

The Result

Expand from 5 countries campaign to a global campaign

The campaign being executed in 5 countries in 2018 achieved the successful outcomes. We will expand it to more countries to make it more globally in 2019.