Managing/Overseeing of ‘BTS STUDIO Presented by LG’ integrated digital campaign in conjunction with 2018 BTS World Tour concerts

Our Mission

Digital campaign targeting ARMY (BTS fandom) to increase recognition and favorable impressions of the LG brand

BTS STUDIO by LG is a zone for customers to experience LG Electronics BTS Limited products, as well as a variety of other LG Electronics products. BTS STUDIO by LG was first offered during the BTS 2018 World Tour, where LG Electronics BTS contents were employed, as BTS were the models for LG Electronics.

Postcommunications launched a digital campaign focusing on Twitter, where most of the global ARMY activities take place. With this digital campaign, our objective was to spread the brand message and heighten impressions of the LG brand.

The Solutions

Operating of social channels and a microsite for one to digitally experience and share the BTS STUDIO by LG

The BTS STUDIO by LG campaign was a tightly-scheduled project encompassing an entirety of digital activity, from selecting digital campaign channels and creating new accounts and content, to devising media strategies. Postcommunications was responsible for a wide range of undertakings, including creating a microsite where one could experience the BTS STUDIO by LG, operating social channels and carrying out media activities.

The Result

Maximization of timely brand messages through the creation of BTS World Tour geo-targeted (host country) advertisements & ARMY-targeted optimized content

Postcommunications not only produced BTS STUDIO by LG content on-site, but also effectively delivered brand messages to users with purchasing potential by using advertisements geo-targeted to users in respective countries. This resulted in an exposure audience of over 126 million during the 6-region tour, as well as a total of 694,000 #BTSSTUDIObyLG hashtags and 660,000 landing clicks to the sales website.